Board to Discuss Reopening Plan – Monday, August 3, 2020

The WGSD (Waterford Graded School District) will hold their monthly Committee Meeting on Monday, August 3rd, at TRAILSIDE ELEMENTARY at 6 PM. The meeting is also available through Facebook Live HERE. Citizen comments are not on the agenda for Committee meetings, but they will be on August 17th for the monthly Business Meeting.

To better understand the discussion taking place it is best to first view the meeting documents. You can usually find the documents being discussed at the WGSD Board Online Meeting Portal called Board Docs.

Three important documents being discussed are 1) the the first three weeks 2) the reopening plans for the three elemenary buildings and 3) the reopening plans for Fox River MS. These documents are DRAFTS and are working documents, so they will change in the upcoming weeks. Please respect the transparency of the process the District is following and understand that these are not final documents or plans.

Below are the three 2-page documents. You can click on the PDF document links below, or scroll down to view images of each. While the headings are not always specific, they are as ordered:

Posted by Matt Kranich on 8/2/2020
WGSD Parent
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  1. DRAFT – First three weeks reopening plan
  2. DRAFT – Elementary: In-Person, Hybrid, and Virtual (Non-JEDI)
  3. DRAFT – Fox River MS: In-Person, Hybrid, and Virtual (Non-JEDI)