WGSD Teachers Respond to NEW Survey

Ed Brzinski, WGSD District Administrator

At the March 2018 school board meeting our Waterford Graded School District Administrator, Ed Brzinski, shared the results of the recent teacher climate survey with the Board and community in attendance. This was the third WGSD teacher climate survey in less than four years.

Many of us remember the November 2014 presentation by the Wisconsin Association of School Boards (WASB) when the first official climate survey was conducted. While the 2014 results were painful, the documentation was needed in order for the district and newer school board to find a healthy path forward.

Soon thereafter, in the spring/summer of 2015, Mr. Brzinski was hired to replace the previous district administrator, who had resigned. It is at that point that many positive changes started to take place in the Waterford Graded School District. Those positive changes are reflected in both the 2016 and 2018 climate survey results. Overall, the 2018 survey results surpass even those of the 2016 survey, which many acknowledged as a “honeymoon period”. While the honeymoon may be over, the excellent results are certainly not.

While there are many different topics addressed by the teacher climate survey, I decided to highlight just one (above), that being teacher engagement. Having teachers that feel “engaged” is certainly something every school district would desire. Engaged teachers lead to engaged students. Engaged students have the greatest potential for personal and academic growth.

Having engaged teachers and students is also the best way for our district to reach our determined goals for the future. For anyone that is curious our current district goals are outlined in the WGSD Strategic Plan, a process that began in 2015. The District’s goals are discussed monthly at our school board meetings during relevant topics and administrative reports.

Mr. Brzinski identified several areas for growth during his presentation and earlier this week announced an action plan to make those issues a priority. Regardless, the overall results of the District’s self evaluation are fabulous and should be celebrated. Please consider sharing this post so others know how positive the WGSD staff feel about the job Mr. Brzinski and his administrative team (both district and building administrators) are doing. You can view the full report of the 2018 climate survey, and/or listen to the presentation by Mr. Brzinski that took place at our March school board meeting.

All WGSD Board meetings are video recorded and can be accessed at this link.

Posted on 3/27/18 by Matt Kranich
WGSD Parent and School Board Member

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