Survey and Focus Group Presentation

WASB Presenter Roger Foegen summarizes the results of the Waterford Graded School District staff survey and focus group study.

“At some point the turnover rate among staff and the work environment will begin to have a negative impact on student achievement. These issues are bigger than one person, and it will take some significant changes in the way of doing business in Waterford Graded to begin to rebuild relationships, improve communication, and rebuild trust among the stakeholders of the District.”

— Roger Foegen, WASB

Staff Survey Report conducted by School Perceptions

Focus Group Report by the Wisconsin Association of School Boards

Response by previous district administrator to Release of Survey and Focus Group Reports

This same survey result information can be found at the WGSD website at the following link:

Video Timeline:

Start – Opening Remarks/District Summary
7:45 – Results – School Perceptions Survey
16:10 – Focus Group Responses – 4 Major Themes: Professionalism & Respect, Communication, Leadership, Trust
20:25 – Recommendations
26:50 – Summary and Conclusion