WGSD Staff Morale and Survey Results

The survey results below are being made available so the community is aware of the information the WGSD Board has received. The additional communication pieces are available so it is clear that the surveys are legitimate and requested by the (former) district administrator.

At no time in their written communications did the (former) district administrator, or the BGSD Board question the validity of the survey results. In fact, it was at the (former) district administrator’s request that the Spring 2013 Survey be offered again. (See the July 26th, 2013 Communication to the Board).

Survey Results – At the Request of the (former) district administrator – Conducted by Staff – Anonymous (May 2013)

Survey Results – Conducted by Administration – Participants Known (October/November) 2012)

Survey Results – Conducted by Staff – Anonymous (November 2012 – January 2013)

Cover Letters from the former (former) district administrator in response to my Open Records requests

Communications between Administration and WGSD Board

Citizen Comments – Part 1: Mandy Fiehweg – Staff Resignations, Matt Kranich – Employee Health Care Costs

Citizen Comments – Part 2: Ron Rivard – Staff Resignations, Amy Kosarek – Staff Resignations, Deb Schroeder – Four Year Old Kindergarten

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