The 2007 SLUE Letter

huhI received the following letter (posted below) at my house a few days prior to the September 22nd Board meeting. After confirming that it was real, I decided to share it with the Board during citizen input.

The SLUE director that wrote the letter stated that in his 18 years of service he had “never seen a school district experience such a massive negative shift resulting in declining morale, dysfunction behavior, and a feeling of wide-spread fear, confusion, and uncertainty in such a short period of time.” That certainly is not the kind of line you can use more than once! And it begs the question, “How did the former district administrator ever get promoted to District Administrator”.

The letter was written to Gwen O’Cull, who was being replaced by Sally Jo Nelson as the new district administrator. The former district administrator, then assistant district administrator, was hired a few years later after Sally Jo Nelson retired. While I cannot confirm, it has been stated by many that when Sally Jo Nelson retired the position was never posted and no one was interviewed (other than the former district administrator).




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