4K Community Partnership Criteria

The document which describes the criteria local preschool centers must meet in order to participate in next years District wide 4K program was originally shared at the “Special” Board Meeting on August 27th. The Board is expected to discuss the criteria again at the September 15th Committee meetings and then act upon them at the September 22nd Board meeting.

As usual, the District Administrator did not make the draft document available to those who took the time to attend the meeting. This was also the case at the Committee Meeting on August 11th (video #4) where two separate documents were shared by WGSD administration and then discussed by the Board.

For those that have questions about why there is an 18 student class size minimum, or why a per student stipend has not yet been discussed, I encourage you to listen to the meeting recordings.

Proposed 4K Community Partnership Criteria

4K circle(Note: These criteria may be updated prior to the finalized contract offer)

1. Provider shall provide all required licensed teacher(s) and assistant(s) as well as substitutes when they are absent. A current license for teachers and background checks for all staff will be submitted to WGSD. All required teacher license information will be reported by Oct. 1 for the 1202 report including teacher name, social security number, gender, file #, year of birth, race/ethnicity, location of site, rate of pay and any teacher benefits provided.
2. The school calendar will follow the WGSD calendar – beginning on the first day of school and terminating on the last day.
3. A parent outreach program of 87.5 hours per year will be available to all 4K participants. The provider will work collaboratively with the district and other sites to orchestrate these hours and promote the programs with students and parents in addition the provider will keep attendance reports of the program time. These reports will be handed in on a monthly basis.
4. Childcare and/or extended services are an option for participants and not a condition of enrollment at the provider’s facility.
5. Provider will maintain a current child care license issued by the WI Department of Children and Families, as required by state law. A copy of the license will be provided to WGSD.
6. The provider will maintain internet service including wifi and the District Contact will be notified of any service interruptions lasting longer than 24 hours.
7. Daily attendance will be recorded and sent to the district on a weekly basis. Attendance will follow state law and district policy.
8. The provider agrees not to transport students in personal vehicles.
9. During program hours the WGSD Administrators can visit the site without notice.
10. The Provider must keep an updated classroom schedule on file with the District 4K Coordinator.
11. The Provider will serve milk daily which can be purchased through our Food Service but must be kept refrigerated – so adequate storage space must be available.
12. The Provider shall ensure a non-sectarian environment which does inhibit nor advance religion according to the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment of the US Constitution.
13. The provider will insure that the building is secure at all times with a buzz in system.

1. Using the ECERS-R scale, the provider will maintain an appropriate environment for 4 year olds including, but not limited to, maintaining:
● indoor/outdoor space, equipment and toys in good condition
● a private and confidential space to meet with parents and/or specialists
● space in which religion is not advanced or inhibited
2. Custodial services on a daily basis – with attention given to cleanliness.
3. Site must be compliant with the Americans with Disability Act and handicap accessible
4. Site must allow for storage space for District materials and equipment
5. Sidewalks and parking lots providing access to the site shall be well maintained and in condition which allows safe access for 4K program participants and visitors.
6. Teacher must have access to a computer with internet, e-mail as well as Microsoft Office on site.
7. A room with close bathroom facilities in which an staff member would escort students to utilize or a bathroom connected to the room is required.
8. Compliance with fire codes, heating and cooling ventilation codes and other health environment standards are to be met at all times.
9. see State Regulations document

1. Provide a site coordinator or director.
2. Provide a DPI certified teacher, who meets DPI licensure requirements for 4 year olds kindergarten.
3. If the class size requires an assistant, than a teacher assistant with a minimum of a high school diploma.
4. CPR, NVCI (Non-violent Crisis Intervention) and first aid trained staff shall be available during program hours.
5. Provider’s staff will participate in annual August training and monthly professional development sponsored by the District.
6. See State Regulations document

Curriculum/Learning Activities:
1. The Provider will utilize the curriculum determined by the WGSD. WGSD will provide the first set of materials and then consumable supplies shall be supplied by the provider.
2. The Provider will report student learning progress on the Early Learning Outcomes as determined by the WGSD.
3. The Provider will utilize the PALS 4K assessment as required by the DPI as well as assessments required by the District such as the DIAL-R and the EDMA. The results will be electronically shared using the required data grids.
4. An inclusion model of learning is required. Provider shall not segregate program participants by program type, family income, child’s ability or disability, or because of any reason prohibited by law (gender, race, religion, national origin, etc)
5. Technology use needs to be at a 1:4 ratio in the classroom.
5. All teaching and activities conducted by the Provider shall comply with constitutional and other legal requirements applicable to public school district programming.
6. Parent-teacher conferences will be held by the Provider in the Fall and the Spring at times that allow all parents to attend.

1. No fees may be required of a parent or guardian to enroll their child at the site.
2. All collection of child care/tuition fees shall be separate from the 4K program is the responsibility of the provider.
3. Providers will receive three annual payments from WGSD based upon the pupil count. The first semester payment will occur within 6 weeks after the 3rd Friday count in September. The second semester payment will occur in 2 installments: the first installment will be paid within 6 weeks after the second Friday pupil count in January; the second payment will be paid after the Provider has completed all of the necessary year end activities and provided all the required documentation to WGSD, usually in June or July.
4. In the event that the Provider doesn’t comply with requirements of the Agreement throughout the year, including ongoing required documentation, WGSD reserves the right to hold back any or all installment payments until the Agreement is complied with to the satisfaction of the District.

Parent Involvement:
1. Parent and/or community members may serve as volunteers subject to following the district volunteer policy – background checks and other appropriate screening procedures.
2. Provider will cooperate in transmitting information to parents from the District as requested.
3. Provider will cooperate with District in promoting and offering parent outreach opportunities.

Support Services:
1. Provider will maintain immunization records and information on health and safety.
2. Provider will integrate special ed students in accordance with all of the applicable legal requirements.
3. Provider will maintain the confidentiality of all personal information pertaining to students and their families.
4. Provider will maintain a website for communication.

1. Class enrollment minimum is 18 four-year-olds per classroom and the staff-child ratio will not exceed 1:10.
2. The classroom size needs to be applicable for the child care licensing regulations and DPI standards.
3. The provider must remain in good standing with the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families licensing authority, as applicable. Any noncompliance must be reported immediately to the WGSD District Coordinator.
4. Any allegations of staff misconduct or mismanagement at the site level must communicated immediately to the WGSD Superintendent.
5. See State Regulations document

1. WGSD shall conduct an evaluation of the Provider’s program at least once annually. Provider shall annually participate in the ECERS-R evaluation and develop and implement an annual Quality Improvement Plan.
2. Staff shall be evaluated by the Provider as required by the providers contract.

1. Provider must provide WGSD with a certificate of General Liability Insurance. Limits of which can be no less than $1,000,000 per occurrence and $1,000,000 aggregate or $500,000 General Liability and $500,000 Umbrella.
2. Provider must provide WGSD with a certificate of insurance evidencing Professional Liability insurance. The Professional Liability limits shall be no less than $1,000,000 and the insurance shall insure for Corporal Punishment, Sexual Abuse/Molestation and Educator’s Legal.
3. Provider must provide WGSD with a certificate of insurance evidencing Worker’s Compensation in amount equal to the statutory Employer Liability limits.
4. All certificates of insurance must provide a 30-day cancellation notice. Upon expiration of any insurance policy, the Provider must provide WGSD with a replacement certificate of insurance containing all of the elements outlined above.

Feedback Sheet 
(turned in to Kathy Hoppe at the District Office or via e-mail at
hoppe@waterford.k12.wi.us by Sept. 9th)

To view the feedback forms and the original document click this link to see the
original 4K Criteria for Community Partnership Document.

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