(Spring 2012) Question 7. How would you rate the school board on their understanding of the education system? 0-they have no idea, 1-limited, 2-average, 3-very good.

Spring 2012

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1-limited. I realize they are full time workers also, but they need to get into the
schools, talk with the staff about best practices. We also do research for what
works best but do not get asked.
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1-limited, at best School Board members can research programs, testing scores,
etc., but until you’ve spent large amounts of time educating children who come
from a variety of backgrounds with a variety of strengths/needs, you cannot
have a true understanding of what “teaching” truly entails. I have heard School
Board members compare teaching to engineering. Others have compared our
schools to businesses. Those comparisions themselves illustrate these
members’ lack of understanding of what it takes to work with children and
families on a daily basis to create a successful educational experience. Our “job”
is so much more than machines that take a product from start to finish in a
uniform way.
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0 – and I stress 0
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0-they have no idea. Many of the school board members have no idea what we do on a daily basis. To think that the only work that we do is from 7:45 to 3:45 is ridiculous. They have no idea what it is like to have a job in which you come
early, stay late and take work home with you. Not only that, but they don’t
understand that being a teacher is more than just teaching. We wear many hats:
teacher, nurse, social worker and parent. Taking on all of these duties is part of
the reason why we have to work beyond our contracted hours because you can’t
just tell a student that you can’t listen to them because your work hours are over.
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0 or 1 – We are continually told that “…in the business world…”, I understand that
they want to bring things from the business world to the district, but dealing with
kids who have the ability use their free will to learn or not learn; teaching cannot
be compared to the standard business like an apples to apples comparasion.
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0, I would love to see them in the classroom and try to teach a classroom of
students. They have no appreciation as to what we do on a daily basis. Lots of
planning, planning, planning, and grading!
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1.1 often hear the school board relating the school to business, however this is
school and needs to be run as such. I don’t feel the school board has a handle
on the daily workings of the school, administration or teachers.
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0- They want to treat us like a business but they fail to understand that education is no where close to a business. IF they want to treat us like a business, then we should get 100% of what a business gets (paid vacations, healthclub memberships, discounts, etc)
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0.5- Quite limited
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1- Schools are not businesses. No matter how much you want schools to run like a business, they can’t. They also do not understand the limitations of education or what is truly needed to succeed at teaching.
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They are uneducated with personal agendas, they pay their friends first and tax
the tax payers when they have savings-surplus of $?!!!
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I limited
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1-1 have only seen one board member come through my school, but I have
never see our board president come through. While I was at a summer training
program during the summer of 2011, our school board president talked to the
staff, that was there, to address the future of Waterford post Act 10. When asked
if there will options to receive compensation for the extra time we put in at
school, pertaining to the extra hours teachers work, our board member
responded that we will still receive overtime pay as we have before. Teachers
never had overtime pay nor do.
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0. They believe the education system should be run solely as a “business,” and
education should be run differently than a business.
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0. Again, my rating is based on my knowledge if the most outspoken board
member, Dan Jensen
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0 These people have no clue. How would they like us to tell them how to do
there job when we don’t know all the ins and outs of it? They do not know how
students learn, the factors that can make it difficult for some to learn and how
the students brains are wired and learn differently from when we where in
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0-1. It’s hard when the board makes decisions about our lively hood but never
set foot in our classrooms. Even if they do, it’s only for a few minutes. The
education system is just that, an education system, not a business like some of
the board members care think.
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0 No idea. They seem to feel that a school can be run like a business and that won’t work. Kids are not “products”. They are children and each one is different. Each day with students is different.
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1 – just because you went through the system as a child, or you have a child going through it, doesn’t mean you know the system. Do you realize the work a teacher puts in?
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0- They have no idea
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1- we are NOT a business producing cars- we are shaping students to be productive members of society-a school can not be run like a business
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