(Fall 2012) Question 5. How would you rate the decision making of our current school board? 0-poor, 1-fair, 2-average, 3-above average, 4-excellent

Spring 2013

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1-fair. I think they are quick to make judgements and often times to do get the
input of the people involved. If they think it’s good for them, then it will be good
for us. We are the professionals in our field, allow us to be treated as
professionals and give our professional opinions.
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0-poor Our School Board has been taking more of a dictator role. They do not
ask for input from the principals or teachers; they just have their own agendas.
They verbally attack teachers and administrators from other districts on a regular
basis. They do not have community members or educators on their committees;
they just make their own decisions, despite their lack of education
degrees/knowledge. The most verbal members of our Board show a blatant
disrespect toward our staff and community. They seem to want all the control.
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0.1 feel as if the board is working for their own personal agenda, not the greater
good of the community.
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Poor-many of them don’t understand the difference between education and
business. They are not the same, despite what the School Board President
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0-Poor. Many of the decisions that the board has made recently are unrealistic.
It seems as though having a little power has gone to the heads of some people
and they are making decisions simply because they enjoy imposing changes on
us rather than the betterment of the students which is where their focus should
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0 on some important topics.
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0 -1 feel as though the past few years have been a natural fiscal benefits
correction, but some members of the school board are trying to exact revenge
now. I am happy to see the incorporation of merit pay in the benefits, but morale
is still very low and the low morale will eventually have an effect on the overall
output of the product being produced.
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0, I dont think they ever think if the students or the teachers
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0.1 don’t feel that they are at all willing to work with teachers or administration.
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1-1 feel they want what is best for the kids, but haven’t taken into consideration
that what is best for the teachers can be best for the kids too. I also feel they are
making policy changes because they can, not because that is really what is best
for the kids or the district.
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Poor, they are out to punish teachers both fiscally and emotionally. It’s like the board has some personal vendetta! I hope they get recalled! 11/18/2012 4:06 PMView Responses 0
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0- After personally attending school board meetings, I feel that the decisions that have been made by our school board are only based off their own personal biasis. A school board’s power is to ensure that tax dollars are being used appropriately by a school district not offering personal opinions that counter-argue best practices. 11/18/2012 10:17 AMView Responses 0
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0-1 feel that they would like to see us run like a business however they are also not willing to give us some of the perks of a business. Most of us value family very strongly and work around our family scheudles. With having to come in aorund the Holidays and breaks takes away from spending time with our own families.
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0 – Poor in regard to decisions about teachers – it seems they do not value teachers in the district 11/17/2012 8:22 PMView Responses
0 – although I feel this poor decision making falls heavily on one or two people. Dan Jensen and Paul Beyerl
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0-poor. To quote one board member we are overpaid part time employers who
don’t work for our money. Another member is against 4k because it is a glorified
daycare. He can’t see the enrollment numbers keep going down because we
don’t offer it. Apparently he is smarter than the 86 other districts that offer it.
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POOR! They have no idea how a school system works on the teacher and
building level. They (the board president) seem to be out to get the teachers as
if we have GOTTEN to much in the past.
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0 -1 don’t understand how someone who had never worked in the elementary
world can make decisions about that world. Yes, you may say that you listen to
what we say, but that doesn’t show!
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0 – it’s not about student achievement anymore, instead focus is how can we
mess with the staff.
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1. The school board seems to have some good ideas when it comes to student
learning, but are not always being realistic about the path to get there.
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0-Poor They do not seem to care at all about this community or the students.
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1-1 feel they make a lot of decision without any background information.
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0- i have seen one school board member in the building- perhaps they should
spend a day or a week doing what we do
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