Exit Interview # 5

Original Document – Exit Interview #5

Exit interviews are conducted as a way for the District to gain feedback from employees in an effort to improve programs such as safety, training, and the hiring process to name a few. The honest and open feedback of an employee exiting the district can sometimes be invaluable to us making improvements that will positively affect all employees and ultimately students.

__________ was asked a series of questions from why she is leaving the district to the adequacy of training to finally any improvements we could make __________ has been part of thee Waterford Graded School District for 14 years.

__________ cited a few main reasons for leaving the district: one reason was to pursue career growth and the second was the fact that the level of respect towards staff is not good and the third was she felt that the way in which the district treated employees such as __________ and __________ made this a district she no longer wanted to work in.

__________ did indicate that she shared some of these feelings but did not receive a response. She said during the year she was asked to provide some feedback about the summative process.  __________ sent an email stating she didn’t feel she could trust anyone and that there was no respect as a professional. She also felt as though the reviews were based more on personal feelings versus professional performance. She also talked about correspondence earlier In the summer from Chris J. She felt that the correspondence foreshadowed that she would be “targeted in the next round of layoffs,”

The most satisfying part about her job at WGSD was the students.

In talking about what was least satisfying, ^fff pointed to the relationship with the principal and administration and the lack of support for professional growth, When asked to further clarify this, she stated that she received her curriculum license 10 years ago, and although she asked to be placed on curriculum teams, she never was.

In changing something in her positio. _________ indicated this, “Intervention is a tough job. So, having 7th grade intervention, 8th grade intervention and a math class take 3 distinct preps, however, she has only one prep time like everyone else.

__________ did feel she received adequate training to do her job effectively. While she felt she received support from her colleagues, she did not feel she was supported by the administration.

In talking about feedback, she felt positive feedback was not given often. The negative feedback, while always prompt, seemed biased.

To create a better workplace, __________ felt that three things were needed: Communication, Collaboration and Respect (all from the top down).

__________ did not offer any additional feedback at this time. To return to WGSD in the future, she would have to see a complete change in the board and administration. She would also not feel comfortable recommending family and friends to the district at this time.

Finally, the last point that __________ wanted to have me put into her interview was the fact that she was told by others at Fox River (she did not Indicate who} that her position was already filled. She provided the person’s name of who she was told would be offered the position.

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