Former DA Presents 3-Year Budget Impact of 4K Program – Reveals Increase in State Aid of $900,000

At the 3/10/14 Finance Committee meeting the (former) District Administrator, presented a revised 3-year 4K budget projection.  The (former) district administrator’s first projection back in February was deeply flawed. This new projection (displayed below) shows that more than $900,000/year in additional state aid will be received as a result of starting a 4K program in WGSD. This projection is almost exactly what I calculated several weeks ago and presented to the Board in February.

As the table below shows, the increased state aid in years 2 and 3 of a district wide program exceeds $900,000/year and would be more than twice the cost of the entire 4K program/year (see my red circles added to image) .

It is worth mentioning that there was no written explanation of this spreadsheet, and the verbal explanation was minimal. I am able to understand these numbers because I understand school funding and district finances, but what about our school board members and the community?  I think this type of information deserves a much better explanation than was presented at the meeting.

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