Waterford COVID Transmission Rate up ≈ 1,000% in 40 days

Currently, 50% of the residents located within the WUHS boundary have received at least 1 vaccine dose.

The next WGSD school board meeting will be held tonight at 6 PM. You can view the time, location, and agenda HERE. Citizen comments are permitted at the meeting.

I personally encourage residents to read the August 10, 2021 publication: COVID-19 Infection Control and Mitigation Measures for Wisconsin Schools 2021/2022. Know the recommendations before addressing the school board and the administration regarding COVID.

Based on comments made at that August 9, 2021 Committee of the Whole meeting, the WGSD will now likely have to implement more control measures than many expected. You can view that meeting’s agenda HERE and you can watch that meeting’s Facebook Live video HERE.

In addition to the feature photo above showing the current transmission rate for the WUHS boundary (117), the transmission rate for the Village of Waterford (110) can be viewed below.

Just six weeks ago the Racine County, Racine City, and Central Racine areas were all below a case rate of 10, but all are now well above 100. That is a 10-fold increase in the transmission case rate. Some municipal areas with populations within WUHS, such as Dover and Norway, have a case rate of 143 and 184 respectively. Below is the graph showing that the community transmission rate has increased from about 10 to well over 100 in the last 40 days.

Posted by Matt Kranich on 8/23/2021
WGSD Parent
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