WUHS Candidates 2021

WUHS and WGSD Voting Options

Today is election day and the local school board election vote that matters most is for the Waterford Union High School Board (WUHS). For WUHS there are two seats up for election and three candidates to choose from. For the Waterford Graded School Board (WGSD) there are two seats and two candidates to choose from (incumbent Board President Mandy Fiehweg and new candidate Noah Wishau).

WUHS Candidates 2021

Let’s focus on the WUHS School Board election. The three candidates for the WUHS Board are incumbent Board President Don Engler, incumbent board member Dennis Purtell, and new candidate Patrick Goldammer. Several weeks ago the WUHS posted a “Meet the Candidates” page on their webpage. Please take the time to read the candidate statements if you haven’t already. You can view them HERE.

Unfortunately, the listed response from incumbent Board President, Don Engler, is “Unavailable for Comment”. This is how the response has been listed for several weeks. It is almost as if the communication between Mr. Engler and the WUHS Administration is non-existent.

In order to determine if Mr. Engler was actually running a campaign I reached out to him and elicited a response. Regardless of the personal response I received, I think the fact that Mr. Engler chose not to have a comment for the community on his own district’s webpage is telling about both his intent and respect for the role in which he seeks re-election. Every community needs school board members that value open communication and transparency. Your vote matters, so please read the responses from the three WUHS school board candidates at the link above. Then, if you haven’t already, vote for the two that you feel will best serve the students, staff, and greater Waterford community.

Posted by Matt Kranich on 4/6/2021
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