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JEDI Option: Preview the 100% Virtual FLVS Courses

Interested in a preview of the FLVS courses believed to be offered through the fully virtual JEDI program option? Browse the courses below by clicking each link. FLVS allows a free preview of select lessons in each of their courses and at different grade levels.

The courses offered through the JEDI program may work well for some of our Waterford area families. For example, families that want a seemless 100% virtual option, families that are planning to homeschool, or families that are planning to enroll their child in a virtual charter school may want to take a strong look at the JEDI program through both the WGSD and WUHS districts. The FLVS curriculum currently used by the JEDI Program contains engaging lessons that your child can work on at any time. Parents can also more easily schedule when they are able to work with their child (similar to homeschool curriculums, but without scripting).

To view some of the lessons and determine if JEDI is a good choice for your family, click on the links below. Once at the lesson, use the large arrows at top right of page to advance through the lesson. NOTE: Not all FLVS courses are available through JEDI and I do not know if all available courses are approved for credit by WGSD and WUHS. To see the current JEDI course catalogs use these links:

JEDI Elementary School Catalog
JEDI Middle School Catalog
JEDI High School Catalog

Language Arts

Kindergarten: Innovation : 12.04 Making Connections: Plant Art
Grade 3: Identification : 06.01 Text Features: How to Use Digital Devices
Grade 4: Motivations : 04.02 Chronological: Mind over Matter
Grade 7: Module 4 Scientific Mystery
Middle School Language Arts Tour – Video Preview
Grade 11: English 3 : Module Two : 02.05 Thesis Statements
Intensive Reading: Drama and Poetry: 05.05 Modern Interpretations


Kindergarten: Numbers 6–10 : 03.07 Shake And Make 10
Grade 5: Use Equivalent Fractions: 07.06 Fraction Model Masterpiece
Middle School Math Tour – Video Preview
Algebra 1: 03.05 Linear Models


Grade 2: Forces And Changes In Motion : 10.09 Do we have a problem?
Grade 3: Changes in Matter : 08.05 Where did they go?
High School: Anatomy & Physiology: Protection and Support: Lesson 01.04
Hope: Module 03: Lesson 03.04: Happiness

Social Studies

Grade 1: The World We Live In : 05.02 Finding Our Way
Grade 3: Introducing North America : 03.02 Amazing Artifacts Revealed
AP US History: Imperialism & Progressivism: Imperialism
Social Media : Milestone 1: Lesson 4: You Heard What?
Leadership Skills Development: Lesson 3:03: Use Your Powers
Economics: Financial Literacy – Video Preview

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Grade 1: Texture: 05.02 Vincent van Gogh
Grade 3: Shape: 02.01 Shape

Computer Science

Grade 2: Module One: 01.03 A Coding Safari
Grade 3: Our Tech World: 01.04 The Scoop on Technology
High School: Foundations of Programming – Video Preview
Digital Information Technology Course – Video Preview


Intro Level : Viva México : 01.02 Los Animales Del Rancho
Level 4 : La cultura Argentina : 04.04 La Cueva de las Manos

Physical Education

Kindergarten : Get Active, Eat Right : 02.04 Nutrition
Grade 4 : Take Notice, Keep Focus : 01.02 Fitness Assessment 1
High School: Outdoor Education – Video Preview

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