Board Meeting – Feb 23, 2015

Andrew Ewert addresses the school board during “citizen input” and asks them to reconsider school field trips to Miller Park. He also said he would like to see that teachers receive training on the use of EpiPens for when students experience a severe allergic reaction to foods such as peanuts.

Again this month the Board convened into closed session after about 70 minutes to “discuss employment, performance, compensation and individual employment contracts”. The open session items are as follows:

  1. Call to Order, Administrative Reports
  2. Principal and Committee Reports
  3. Review of Citizen Input Rules
  4. Citizen Input – Dawn Aron – Evergreen PTO
  5. Citizen Input – Jamie Kranich – Woodfield PTO
  6. Citizen Input – Jennifer Pankowski & Laura Talavera – Trailside PTO
  7. Citizen Input – Andrew Ewert – Student Allergies and Rethinking the Miller Park Field Trip
  8. Citizen Input – Deb Schroeder – More complaints about WGSDMeetings
  9. Action Items – Policy Updates, WGSD taking on responsibility of recording board meetings, BoardDocs software purchase, Human Growth and Development Curriculum, CPI Increase to Teacher Salary Scale for 2015-16, Resignation of Technology Systems Specialist

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