Special Board Meeting – Nov 20, 2014

Grant Strobel answers questions from board members during the applicant interviews.

The November 20, 2014 WGSD Special Board Meeting is now online!

After interviewing all four applicants for the open seat, the board approved the appointment of Grant Strobel on a 3-1 vote, with Dan Jensen voting “nay”.

Prior to the motion to appoint Mr. Strobel, the board followed a process of elimination where applicants were ranked and the lowest ranked applicant (most points) was removed from the list. There is no mention of such a ranking system in Board Policy 133, so it is assumed this method was recommended to the Board by Chris Joch, District Administrator.

The first to be eliminated was George McNair, followed by Daniel Bowser. The rankings concluded after the third round when Dan Walker was eliminated, leaving Grant Strobel as the Board’s selection. The final step was the official motion to appoint Grant Strobel to the board, but as mentioned in the first paragraph, one board member would offer no olive branch to it’s newest member.

Video Breakdown:

3:56 George McNair Interview
17:00 Dan Walker Interview
29:40 Grant Strobel Interview
38:30 Dan Bowser Interview
51:00 Ranking of Candidates
59:10 Motion to Appoint Grant Strobel

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