School Board Meeting – Sep 22, 2014

Over 150 citizens attend the September 22nd WGSD school board meetings.

The September 22, 2014 WGSD Board Meeting is now online!

For those that watch now please feel free to help by sending me the time stamp for changes in topics or speakers along with the correct spelling of their names. (pm through Facebook is preferred). Full video is below with the following time stamps already noted:

0:00 – Call to Order
3:20 – First request for Special Meeting related to administration
4:09 – Administrator’s Reports
6:55 – Principal Reports
15:33 – Committee Reports
24:00 – Citizen Input Starts
1:18:35 – Response from board member Tom Hoffman
1:33:22 – Action on 4K Partnership with outside providers
2:09:55 – Second request by Dawn Bleimehl and Board adoption for Special Meeting on October 6th to discuss administration and communication

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