Resignation Letter – West Allis

The following letter was sent to me through Facebook. I was amazed to read so many concerns that were nearly identical to what a lot of teachers in WGSD have shared privately. At the end of his resignation letter Eric Zentner, a former West Allis teacher, tackles head on the fear many teachers have when it comes to communicating their real reasons for resigning. I felt his brave letter deserved another repost. Be sure to read his short post script at the bottom of page 4.

Note: This letter is posted with the direct permission of Eric Zentner. I have removed the phone number and street address at his request. I also contacted Matt Lesar, Zentner’s building principal, and he confirmed receipt of the letter. Zentner’s letter, and those of others, is referenced in an article from the Journal-Sentinel on August 16th, 2014.

Eric Zentner Resignation Letter
Eric Zentner Resignation Letter




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