Waterford Area Schools Town Hall Meeting

Waterford Area Schools Town Hall Meeting

Waterford Area Schools Town Hall Meeting Agenda

Monday, August 10, 2020
5:00-6:00 P.M.
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Meeting ID: 933 3270 6683
Passcode: Jn7p9F
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Establish a safe and respectful environment that encourages curiosity, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. Employ and retain high performing staff and value their contributions to each student’s learning experience. Set clear standards for high achievement and maximum growth.

Welcome from Waterford Area Schools

Establish Norms
● Meeting will start on time and end on time
● Respectful communications
● Online etiquette
○ Mute audio
○ Use chat for questions
■ Responses to questions will be published on Aug 12
● Administration is here to listen to input from the community

Item 1:
● Less-risk approach to education for students and staff
● Our goal is to be 100% face-to-face
● Build a platform that maintains longevity for in-person instruction while
avoiding long-term virtual/online instruction
● Base decisions on current science and Waterford Area numbers
● Use the spring data to improve the level of successful learning for all
● Provide a seamless transition from one plan to the next

Item 2:
Working with Central Racine County Health Department (CRCHD)
● Each situation will be addressed individually following current best practices
in accordance with the CRCHD recommendations

● Maintaining communications about current hospitalizations and cases in
Waterford Area
● Determining thresholds for outbreaks or rise in cases
○ CRCHD will lead the process when positive cases arise
○ School closings will be determined when less-risk learning and
teaching can no longer operate without increasing the risk to student
and staff safety

● CRCHD has the authority to close schools

Item 3:
Safety Measures
● Face coverings will be required until September 28 by executive order and
expected to be worn by students and staff thereafter
● If your child is feeling ill or showing symptoms, it is an expectation your
child stays home and consults with a health care provider prior to returning
to school.
● Work together as a community to keep Waterford Area Schools open

Item 4:
Consistency Among Districts
● Each building will experience differences based on age, population, and
● Hybrid (reduced capacity if implemented) model includes a K-12
alphabetical A-K and L-Z split
● Mitigation measures including cleaning, disinfecting, etc
● Cultivate a virtual/blended teaching and learning environment
● Balancing family, student, and staff needs and health

Item 5:
Listening Session
● In maintaining our mission, please respectfully engage by sharing
comments, concerns or ideas while the administrative teams listen.

Posted by Matt Kranich on 8/10/2020
WGSD Parent
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