WUHS Referendum: Let’s make a smart investment today so we can reduce costs tomorrow

Whatever your background or politics, hopefully, everyone agrees that choices that improve opportunities for students and save money for taxpayers are always a wise investment. We have that opportunity now with the WUHS referendum. Please visit the WUHS Referendum page at this link to see for yourself how serious the needs are. At that link, you will find numerous short videos narrated by WUHS staff and students just showing you “how it is”. It is literally a virtual tour with thoughtful and straightforward explanations.

I’ve also shared the videos below as a quick reference for anyone reading this post.


Tech Ed


Music and Fine Arts

Loading Dock

Special Education

Robotics and Engineering

Accessibility and Safety

Learning Spaces



What were the steps to arrive at a referendum question?

Following a comprehensive facilities study, the District identified improvement measures over the next decade that would extend the useful life of the building.  

The study assessed and recommended addressing aging infrastructure, outdated learning environments, safety, security, and ADA accessibility. The District next surveyed the community to determine priority needs.  A community task force recommended to the Board of Education a list of improvements to advance to referendum. On January 17, 2022, the Board of Education approved a resolution to pursue a bond for $19,750,000 on April 5, 2022.

Why a referendum question now?

Costly emergency repairs caused the Board of Education to commission a comprehensive facility study.  The study reported facility improvements that will prevent expensive repairs, create energy efficiency, and improve safety and ADA accessibility while modernizing spaces 50 to 80 years of age. Additionally, interest rates on a bond are at historic lows, creating a tax impact at $5 per $100,000 of assessed property value. Lastly, construction now will avoid material and labor inflation rising at an average rate of five to seven percent annually.

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