Community Members Protest Mask Policy

The old phrase, “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” certainly applied to the start of the school year where communities across the globe were divided on how to protect students and the greater community from COVID-19. School administrators and board members were asked in one ear “how can you sleep at night requiring these kids to wear masks while trying to learn” while in the other ear they heard “how can you sleep at night making masks optional and knowingly violating the recommendations of the infectious disease experts?”

From the school district’s perspective, the goal is to educate children in a safe environment. Regardless of the ongoing community debate about the pros and cons of mask wearing, infectious disease experts have always contended that as long as masks are available everyone should wear them when in close contact with others.

Running a school district is always a challenge. Let’s not forget that while the pandemic dominated headlines, the school district still had all of the same challenges it does every year. Community members should remember that the pandemic is still a small piece of the pie that is running a school district.

Posted by Matt Kranich on 9/29/2021
WGSD Parent
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