Sarah Count gets her orders from …. New York?

Waterford Graded school board candidate Sarah Count had the source of her campaign strategy revealed yesterday when thousands of campaign postcards reached the hands of WGSD voters. Realize that Sarah applied for the endorsement of this organization and then bragged about it once she received it. Such a candidate is no longer a free thinker and able to make rational and local decisions. Instead, they answer to an ideology that is often misinformed, misplaced, and full of fear-mongering.

While Count issued an explanation, not even an apology, the damage was already done. Now thousands of residents will likely assume WGSD is violating the Wisconsin Open Meetings Law and engaging in “secret voting”. Nothing could be further from the truth and now the reputation of our new district administrator, Tony Spence, has already been tarnished. And so is that of the entire WGSD. Same for the high school (WUHS) since the postcard didn’t even specify which Waterford school district.

Then there are the other buzzwords like “identity quotas” and “magnet schools”. Does the candidate even know what a magnet school is? Has anyone ever mentioned the phrase identity quota in Waterford? Like it or not these will now have to be Sarah’s issues. She will have to show a small number of her constituency that she is propagating the lie that they embrace or deal with their wrath. We’ve seen it play out over and over at the national level. What a huge waste of time here in Waterford.

Sarah Count’s commitment to transparency and open dialogue didn’t even last past her campaign. After watching the recent Candidate Forum I took to FB to share my opinion. Shortly after, Sarah Count replied to my post and encouraged people to “do your own homework” and contact her directly. So I accepted her offer and just like that, poof, it was gone. Needless to say, I never received a call or a PM. Too bad Sarah will only communicate with her “do your own homework” group. Sad!


Try to run your own campaign. If Sarah Count really had a pulse on the strengths and weaknesses of our district she wouldn’t need to pander to national political organizations. What an embarrassment that she can’t find and document unique and meaningful issues right here in Waterford. Tell us how you will make Waterford Graded a stronger district. Tell us how you will be a part of the solution and not another distraction for our students’ needs and the hard-working WGSD staff.

It is discouraging when a candidate fails to embody the “local passion” needed to serve their constituents well. Sarah Count is clearly wound up tight with all types of national concerns, but none of them exist here in Waterford, WI. After a poor showing at the recent Candidate Forum, Sarah Count is fearing that her true colors are beginning to show. If elected she will relentlessly look to connect the dots of her beliefs (conspiracies?) while the real work of the school district (teachers, administrators, and board members) gets undermined. Instead of making Waterford a strong district, she will weaken it from within.


Don’t forget the name Mary Jo Jaskie when you cast your vote. Listen to her responses at the candidate forum and check out her candidate webpage. Mary Jo is smart, informed, articulate, and always positive. Her background will serve her well as the next member of the WGSD School Board.

Posted by Matt Kranich
WGSD Parent


Current WGSD Board member Noah Wishau shared his concerns on social media and they are captured here below.

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