Projected Class Size and Enrollment Update

The WGSD administration recently updated the school board on class size and enrollment projections at the July 6, 2020 Board Committee meeting. Fortunately, many grade levels are now showing increases in the number of building level sections. An increase in the number of sections results in a reduction in the class size. Unfortunately, there are still several sections that are projected to have large class sizes, such as Grade 4 at both Trailside and Woodfield, and Grades 2 and 5 at Evergreen.

You can compare the above projection with the projections shared by the WGSD administration back in December 2019 when the school boundary changes were in full swing by clicking HERE, or viewing below.

Keep in mind that the class year will have to be transposed when making comparisons, as for example, 2nd grade in the December 2019-20 listing (below) are now listed as 3rd grade for the 2020-2021 school year (above). Also, 4K enrollment was not included in the 2019-20 data supplied by the district administrator so that is the primary reasons the total building level enrollment is increased for 2020-2021.

These numbers will likely change as more new enrollments are added, so expect additional changes, especially considering COVID19 and the need to have numerous safe practices in place (space being one). You can view the current status of the WGSD Return to School Plan by clicking HERE.

Posted by Matt Kranich on 7/13/2020
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