Staff Survey – Completed Anonymously – Late 2012

Below are the questions and results of the employee survey completed by WGSD staff members in late 2012.  The document was sent anonymously to the Board members via US Postal Service in January 2013.

Note: You can click on any question below to see the survey results.

The survey appears to have been conducted online using Survey Monkey or something similar.  These types of surveys work by invitation and the results are anonymous.  The survey notes the time each response was submitted.

Note that I scanned the results and used OCR software so the results could be pasted to a webpage.  There may be some syntax errors, but not with the results themselves.

Question 1. Would you describe the climate of the WGSD as: poor, fair, neutral, very good?

Question 2. Do you feel you can express your concerns/opinions about school related topics without being singled out as a troublemaker?

Question 3. Would you recommend to a friend or family member to apply for a teaching position in the WGSD?

Question 4. Would you recommend to a friend or family member to enroll their child in the WGSD?

Question 5. How would you rate the decision making of our current school board? 0-poor, 1-fair, 2-average, 3-above average, 4-excellent

Question 6. Do your feel that the decisions made by the school board is making the WGSD an outstanding school district?

Question 7. How would you rate the school board on their understanding of the education system? 0-they have no idea, 1-limited, 2-average, 3-very good.

Question 8. Do you feel the school board is making decisions that should be administration decisions?

Question 9. How much time do you put into school related work (lesson planning, grading, required reading) beyond your contracted hours on a weekly basis?

Question 10. Would you answer these questions honestly if your name had to be attached to it?

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