(Fall 2012) Question 6. Do your feel that the decisions made by the school board is making the WGSD an outstanding school district?

Fall 2012

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No – Its making teachers feel worthless.
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no- the teachers, parents, and students make it outstanding
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Yes and no. Yes because we are becoming cutting edge, but no, because there
is little room for us to fail, even a little bit.
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No, i believe the professionalism and dedication of our staff makes WGSD an
outstanding district. The knowledge and leadership of our administrators
supports us in those efforts.
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Absolutely not. I feel that they have a political agenda to destroy public schools
and I believe that at least one board member has a personal vendetta against
the teaching staff.
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I think the teachers make it an outstanding district despite the school board.
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No. Recent decisions have been based more on exerting authority and financial
reasons and less on the impact that these decisions have on students.
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I’m afraid that recent decisions will cause us to lose outstanding teachers and
without them we cannot have an outstanding district. Many teachers just out of
college do not have the same work ethic as our current teachers.
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No. It is my administrator providing the initatives and requirements for the school
to perform at such a high level.
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No, they don’t ask for teacher input so how would they know what is best for our
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NO! I think that they are not thinking about what is the best for the students.
That is why we as educators are here and went into the profession. They seem
to have something against the teaching staff. To think that I don’t already put in
more time outside of school is very concerning to me. Now you are talking about
making me work more on a Saturday even though the students are not here. I
understand that we could plan more but we find a way to do this now. I feel that
this will benefit the students in no way and is just plain disgraceful to me. I put
the time in that I need to in order to make the classroom a successful place to
learn for the students already and this would take away time from my family.
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No-too much stress, tensions, pressure
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Not their decisions. The teachers make the district great, and we are getting
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No. I believe that we are headed in a dangerous for direction- it will start with
teachers, and then trickle down to students.
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no, I feel that it is making it a school district I would never send my child to.
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not really
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No. As stated above, if things continue to move in this direction, I feel that the
district will lose many qualified personnel.
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no. I think teachers are not being supported.
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Our district is outstanding for the children because we have dedicated, hard working teachers who go above and beyond to make sure that students are given a good education. The “outstanding” is not created by school board members who continue to take things away from the staff.
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Some yes, and some no
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No. i feel the teachers dedication to the students is making WGSD an
outstanding school district.
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No. They are headed in the same direction as New Berlin. !/3 of the employees
left there. You would think they would take notice.
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No the exact opposite how is ruling your district by fear going to make it a great
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The decision being made will cause our school to perform at a lower standard as
teachers continue to find alternative jobs and as the ones that “stick it out” begin
to become negative and overwhelmed
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No, so far they have overwhelming been detrimental to the moral in the buildings
which, in turn, directly affects our students.
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Pretty well
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0-1 feel that there have been comments made by our school board president
that makes the teaching staff feel that maybe this isn’t a place that values our
training or worth. With this happening, WGSD may possibly see a decline in the
quality of educators.
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No, it’s the teachers that make WGSD an outstanding school district.
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Teachers need greater input on the decisions made by the school board. We are
the direct link to the students.
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No I think what the Teachers, Prinicpals and Adminstrators are doing is what makes the district who we are.
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The decisions made do not make for an outstanding school but rather teachers
who are often stressed and afraid to make a mistake or voice an opinion in fear
of possible consequences.
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No. I think the teachers and staff make the district outstanding. I think the School
Board does not show appreciation toward these people. The teachers and staff
would perform with excellence despite who school board members are. It’s just
they’re not treated well by the school board.
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No. The decisions made have nothing to do with students but rather a strong fist
against teachers who work very hard.
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No. They have no idea what it is like in the classroom today. Not everyone lives
in a house with a white picket fence. We don’t offer 4k which families want and
need yet we offer orchestra so a handful of parents don’t have to pay for private
lessons. Four k will bring more students, orchestra will not.
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No. A school board should work with the teachers, not against them.
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See answer #4
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NO! I believe the decisions they are making will eventually degrade our school
system. It is the dedication of the present staff that makes our district what it is. I
believe good teachers inherently work to give their” A” game every day and
they work hard to get the training they feel they need to be the best teacher they
can be.
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How can they make decisions and compare our work to people in the “business
world.” In the business world people work their jobs and then go home and don’t
have to think about work on nights or weekends. A teacher in the WGSD can’t
do that. Between GANAGing our lessons, required readings, correcting papers,
ect. we work way more than the business world’s 40hr work week.
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Not in the last year.
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Not all of them, no
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The families make the district outstanding. Not any action by the board.
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No, the school district is really creating unhappy, overworked, stressed out
teachers. Is this healthy and great for kids? What happened to those initiatives
about work, life, balance? Weren’t we supposed to be on the bus ready to go? I
am not sure if we are all ready anymore or quite frankly if any of us are having a
real fun time.
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No, I ink decisions are made with little thought and based on personal agendas
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no- b/c it’s hurting the teachers which will impact the students eventually- many
expert teachers want to leave WGSD-
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