(Fall 2012) Question 10. Would you answer these questions honestly if your name had to be attached to it?

Fall 2012

Answers for 10. 82 responses, one declined to answer

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Not without a union
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NO too worried about my job
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I might have. Probably not though.
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Certainly not. I value my job, and although stressed and exhausted, my passion
is to teach children. I would not jeopardize that.
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No, because I feel that every comment and action is used against you.
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No, I would be afraid of being reprimanded or possibly losing my job.
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No, for fear of retribution.
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NO I would not have.
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Probably not
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No way.
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I wouldn’t answer these questions if my name had been attached it it.
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not sure.
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probably not
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No way.
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probably not
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Very differently because I would worry about losing my job!
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Most of them yes, but a few of them no.
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some, but not all
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No. I do not wish to be fired. I want to create a positive work environment where we can all work together to help the kids.
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No the board and superintendent are bullies and will not allow freedom of speech
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probably not. I need my job and could not lose it if a school board member felt the need to “get rid” of a squeaky wheel.
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Less likely
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not as detailed
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No, I would fear losing my job
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Under normal circumstances I would, but not now, as I perceive the board’s
actions and decisions as being punitive towards staff, and my job is critical to my
families financial survival.
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Absolutely, everything I have said has been objective and to the best of my
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Yes I think so but i would rather not have to have my name attached.
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No. I know I would get a bad review and then be let go. They do not value our
opinion and again to quote a board member, we are a bunch of winy teachers.
We have people on our board making decisions and do not value the
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Probably not just for fear of being “targeted.”
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No due to fear if school board retaliation
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not sure
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Never. It’s exhausting working in a district that runs on the, “haha-gatchya”
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Absolutely not for fear of being fired for speaking out against my employer.
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I would not be as candid.
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Yes, but I would not elaborate beyond the yes no answers.
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Would I want to NO! The reason is they have targets on certain people and will
look for any reason to write them up or give them a bad review. However I am to
the point where if this environment gets any worse, this will no longer be the
right place for me to work. I am a positive, upbeat person, and negativity is not
healthy for anyone. As a district, we need to step back and start creating a better
work environment. It starts with possibly once in a while writing a positive note to
a staff, encouragement, and having a smile on our faces. Right now I can’t say I
see those things. Everyone is crabby, negative, and down in the dumps. I can’t
tell you how many teachers are ready to ask for letters of recommendation, or
are considering a career move. These are amazing, quality, excellent teachers. I
am surrounded by teachers, and do not know any other district that has this hard
working of teachers, while continually giving little encouragement to their staff. It
starts from the top down, and any successful school, company, classroom,
starts with positive leadership. That is not the direction we are currently taking,
instead we are using POWER and CONTROL, Fear Factor, and little incentive
for teachers to want to do more. What is really happening is creating worse
teachers, because we are all so burnt out by November, that we are all just
praying to get through this year. This is not a job where we can lose our energy
or focus. We are working with children that may only get a positive comment or
hug from their teacher, and we can not lose focus of who we are. Whether you are a teacher, administrator, or parent, we can not forget these are the children of our future and administration MUST NEVER forget what it was like to be a classroom teacher. I think some people have lost that focus.
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I would not complete the survey
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No, I would fear that I would get in trouble and be let go.
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nope because i am scared of the reprecussions in this district- i feel if you are not liked, you are targeted
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