(Fall 2012) Question 1. Would you describe the climate of the WGSD as: poor, fair, neutral, very good?

Fall 2012
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Neutral to poor.
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fair to poor. In the building I work in, it seems as if people are on pins and
needles trying to make sure they don’t do anything wrong.
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I believe we create a very good climate for students and parents, but the climate
for staff is not as good. Staff members are highly stressed and feeling more and
more pressured with expectations that continually increase. There is a general
feeling of needing to be perfect or else.
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Poor. People are frustrated and upset with decisions that are being made by the
school board, not to mention that we do not feel as though we are being valued
as professionals.
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Poor – people fee! taken advantage of and not respected by the School Board;
for example we have not had a pay raise in three years and the costs of our
pensions and our health care are now more our fiscal responsibility. (I
understand why these actions were taken.) I feel as though some members of
the school board are still “out to get even” for the benefit structure the teachers
union was able to bargain for in the past.
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Poor to fair – everyone is so worried all the time.
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Poor. Stress levels are high and frustruraton is shared in all the discussions I
have with fellow employees.
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Poor. Many of us are feeling that we are not valued as employees, no matter
how hard we are working and the hours that we are putting in outside of school.
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POOR- the climate is basically everybody looks out for themselves and you
have to watch your back at all times
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poor; many of us believe that we are being overworked with more and more
being added to our plates and no compensation given
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very good
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The climate is poor because I feel the staff is uncertain of the future of the
district and I honestly think the staff feels the school board not only doesn’t
respect teachers but have a genuine dislike for teachers. When everything was
going on in Madison last year the Waterford teachers were complete
professionals and represented our district well. We did not take off days to act
like fools in Madison nor did we do anything that would embarass the district.
We always do what is asked of us and most of us go above and beyond what is
asked of us.I wish the board would recognize that the teachers of WGSD are not
the type of teachers you saw on the news in Madison.
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fair, depending on topics being addressed at the board level
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I would describe the climate as poor. The teachers try to stay positive, but most
teachers are tired and feeling like they are not respected. It is scary to feel like
very day your job is on the line.
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Poor-staff works in fear! Both emotionally and, fiscally! When board members
continually threaten in papers and public meetings both parents and employees
we don’t feel safe! We are treated like slaves no voice just emotionally beat
down to work more for less!!!
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I would describe the climate of the WGSD with the word “uncertain”. I see a group of talented, hard working teachers who are intrinsically motivated feel uncertain of their professional careers in Waterford.
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Fair as a WGSD as a whole.
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Each year begins hopeful with a good climate , however that changes within the
first nine weeks of school and the climate is now stressed, frustrated, and angry.
The climate seems poor in regards to board policies and decisions.
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Poor: We are supportive of one another, but we all feel extremely overworked
and unappreciated.
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Poor but everyone is too scared to admit it.
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I would describe it as poor. Hence I plan on looking for a job in a different
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At this time, I would say the climate is fair. When I began 10+ years ago, it was
great. I talked very highly of the district and encouraged others to apply here.
Now I would tell people to stay far away from here.
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It is poor. Teachers feel they are not valued, nothing is good enough, almost like
they did something wrong. These are my feelings and as I have talked to others
I understand they feel the same way. The moral is very poor presently. I think
we all feel hopeless to stop the decisions that will only decrease the moral of the professionals in this district.
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Currently I would say poor. The teachers feel like they are being unfairly
attacked by a group of people who have NO training in the educational world.
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Fair among colleagues (within the building), but very poor as a district
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neutral but leaning toward poor with the decision about the increased days and
recent school board offer of 100 increase in pay for most teachers.
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Fair. Most teachers are trying to make the best of a situation that they are not
happy about. This leaves us in a position of continuing to try to meet all
expectations, but rarely finding our own satisfaction.
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Fair/poor and very uncomfortable
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beyond poor and it starts from the top- SOME of our administration lacks
personality, compassion, and kindness
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extremely poor
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