Comparing the Candidates

The WGSD school board election is Tuesday, April 4th, 2017. I received information from both candidates at my home during the past week. This information has been scanned and posted below, along with the very basic information that ran in the local newspaper. I have summarized some of the more pertinent information below along with other public information.

What are their differences?

  • One is nearing the end of his work career (age 59), the other is starting his career (age 23)
  • One owns a home in Rochester, the other lives in Dover
  • One candidate served three previous terms on the WGSD board, the other candidate has no previous political experience and was not seen at a school board meeting until after his election papers were submitted
  • One has a lifetime of experience to draw from: marriage, raising children, home ownership, and caring for grandchildren, the other lists none of these
  • One has shown his commitment to our local youth by officiating youth sports for almost a generation, the other lists no involvement with our youth
  • One candidate feels that WGSD is headed in the right direction and wants to keep the focus on communication and district leadership, the other candidate’s only detailed suggestion is having Waterford Graded students learn practical skills such as doing taxes and car maintenance

What are their similarities?

  • Both graduated from Waterford Union High School
  • Both candidates attend church and are self described as conservatives
  • Both candidates say they will watch out for the tax payers and describe themselves as being fiscally responsible, or as a fiscal conservative

Campaign Facebook Page for Dean Schrader:

Campaign Facebook Page for Ryan Ross:

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