Board Meeting – May 18, 2015

The May WGSD School Board meeting was held on Monday, May 18th after three committee meetings. You can watch specific portions of each meeting using the list of topics and the corresponding time stamps below.

Posted by Matt Kranich on 6/2/2015
WGSD Parent and WGSD School Board Member

Regular Board Meeting
2:15.01 Consent Agenda
2:18.49 Administrative Update – former district administrator
2:20.29 Policy Updates
2:21.41 Administrative Update – Kathy Hoppe
2:23.15 Administrative Update – Mentor/Mentee Program – Jane Aegerter
2:25.55 Technology Update – Kannan Heath
2:27.02 Principal Reports
2:35.00 Committee Reports
2:37.35 Action Items
– Take action to approve TAG Plan Modifications (including advanced ELA courses at Fox River) – – Take action to approve Fox River Student Handbook Updates
– Take action to approve individual employment contract for 2015-16 (teacher)
– Take action to approve resolution for Associated Bank to continue as the District’s financial institution/depository
– Take action to approve on any technology equipment purchases
– Take action to approve maintenance project bids
– Take action to approve gifts of an iPod and kindergarten yearbooks to the three elementary schools
– Take action to approve continuing agreements with CESA’s 1, 2 & 6
– Take action to approve resolution to exit the Local Government Property Insurance Fund
– Take action to approve 2nd reading of Board Policies 537, 662.1, 665 & 815

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