Board Meeting – Jan 20, 2015

Tracy Fredrick addresses the board about the 4K enrollment process and importance of keeping our existing 4K centers viable.
Tracy Fredrick, Director of Today’s Child Learning Center, addresses the board about the recent district wide 4K enrollment process and the importance of partnering with our existing 4K centers.

Again this month the Board convened into closed session after about 70 minutes to “discuss employment, performance, compensation and individual employment contracts”. The open session items are as follows:

  1. Call to Order, Future Meetings, CESA 2 Presentation
  2. Administrative reports: former District Administrator, and Heath (Technology)
  3. Principal Reports
  4. Committee Reports
  5. Citizen Input – Tracy Fredrick – Concerns about the 4K Community Model
  6. Citizen Input – Deb Schroeder – Disassociate from WGSDMeetings
  7. Citizen Input – What is permitted in Citizen Comments
  8. Action Items – Policy Updates, New Contracts, Open Enrollment Seats, STEM Lab Upgrades, ELA Materials, Extra-curricular Pay

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