Policy 225 – Evaluation of the District Administrator

time-to-evaluateWhile the new WGSD Board determines how to respond to ongoing concerns related to their district administrators, they must also complete the annual review and written evaluation process in January.

A written evaluation of the District Administrator is required annually by WGSD Board Policy 225 (see below) as well as the District Administrator’s contract. In addition, state statutes  (PI 8.01 (2)(q) – Personnel Evaluation 1. and 2.) also requires a written evaluation of a District Superintendent during “the first year of employment and at least every third year thereafter”.

Dan Jensen, who served as WGSD Board President in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and through April 2013, did not comply with WGSD board policy, the administrator’s employment contract, or state statute during those years. Per my open records requests, a written evaluation was never performed, nor does one exist. See this post from November 2013 for full details. The first evidence of an evaluation of former district administrator took place from December 2013 through January 2014 under the leadership of Bob Kastengren, WGSD Board President at that time.



It shall be the policy of the Waterford Graded School District to provide the District Administrator with an annual evaluation of her/his work performance. The evaluation shall be conducted in accordance with state law. The Waterford Graded School Board believes that continuous appraisal of school district personnel is important in the Board’s efforts to maintain the high level of performance which is necessary to fulfill its commitment to provide quality education to the children of the school district.

The basic function of the District Administrator’s position is to achieve the highest quality of education possible for all students through the most efficient use of all available resources. The District Administrator serves as the chief executive officer of the school district and through direction from the School Board assumes general supervision and leadership for all aspects of the educational program. These encompass physical facilities, personnel matters, community relations and require a wide latitude of decision-making responsibilities. The District Administrator’s evaluation shall be used as a tool to help improve the skills and performance of the District Administrator. The goal of the evaluation process is to provide strong, effective leadership that will support the Board’s commitment to excellence in education.

The following procedure shall be used to conduct the annual evaluation of the District Administrator.

1. Annually during the first week in December, the District Administrator Evaluation Form shall be distributed to all Board members.

2. By December 15, all evaluation forms shall be completed and returned to the School Board President. At the next School Board meeting, the Board President and Board will discuss in closed session the responses and evaluation data.

3. At a special School Board meeting in January, the School Board President shall present a written summary of the comments of the entire Board to the District Administrator. At this meeting, the District Administrator and Board will review the evaluation. The evaluation will be based upon the School Board approved job description.

4. Following the annual evaluation and review, the Board may extend the District Administrator’s contract. If the Board declines to renew/extend the contract, the district will follow sec. 118.24 Wis. Stats., in the nonrenewal process. The District Administrator will have the remaining time of the contract or other arrangements, which must be mutually agreed upon.

5. Termination of the District Administrator’s contract, prior to the expiration of the contract, will be for just cause.

Policy #225
Adopted: 10/19/98

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