Committee Meetings – Dec 8, 2014

Policy and Curriculum Chair, Dawn Bleimehl, and Second Chair, Grant Strobel, recommend suspending board policy 155. The full board will vote on the issue Monday, December 15th.

Committee meetings were held last night for the first time with the new board. The topics have been divided into five separate video segments.

  1. Four Year Old Kindergarten Update – 4K (Note: starts with Personnel and Finance Committee with a budget report and suggestion about recent tax statements).
  2. Digital platform for board member packets and sharing with community
  3. Suspension of Policy 155: Board-Staff Communications
  4. Summary of comments related to staff survey
  5. Return from closed session – no statements made

Video 1 of 5

Video 2 of 5

Video 3 of 5

Video 4 of 5

Video 5 of 5

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