Special Board Meeting – Aug 27, 2014

The August 27, 2014 WGSD Special Board Meeting is now online!

Standing room only as concerned parents line the walls at the August 27 Special School Board Meeting where 4 more staff resignations were accepted. Approximately 30 parents attended the meeting, many for the first time.

There is only one video for the meeting – please scroll down.

  1. Discuss and take action to approve, if necessary, 4K community partnership criteria (start of meeting)
  2. Take action to approve employment contracts for 2014-15 (begins at 10:45)
  3. Take action to approve 4 staff resignations (begins at 11:35)
  4. Take action to approve open enrollment exception applications (begins at 
  5. Comments to Board from community members (begins at 13:40)

Closed Session: The Board then motioned to convene into closed session to discuss, among other things, the competitive bids from HR Consultants, interview two vendors, and decide whether to interview additional vendors. I stayed until 9:15 pm and had to leave before they came back to open session.

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