Graph of Teacher Resignations

The following graph was created using teacher data provided by the Waterford Graded School District. The data does not include teacher retirements, administrative resignations or administrative retirements, although many recent retirees have shared that if the school climate were different they would not have retired when they did.


There is another factor that is important, but cannot be quantified in a graph. Approximately 25% of the resignations in 2013-14 were teachers completing their first year. Regardless of whether these teachers resigned because they were going to be non-renewed ,or simply because they did not want to continue teaching in WGSD, it raises a concern about the hiring process and the abilities of Chris Joch, District Administrator, to hire people in the best interest of our students. Similarly, when Dan Jensen infers that WGSD does not have a resignation issue because nearly 100 people apply for every vacant positions, his point is meaningless because WGSD obviously has a problem choosing and/or attracting the best new hires.

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