School Board Meeting – June 23, 2014

Good News Update: 6/24/14

Last night’s public board meeting appeared to end when the Board moved into “closed” session. Closed session meetings can last ten minutes or three hours, so I generally do not stay as there is no guarantee the Board will move back into “open” session to report or discuss anything new.

To be sure, I sent a request to board members Dawn Bleimehl and Tom Hoffman. They shared with me that after the closed session meeting ended the board reported it has voted to hire an outside agency to come in and help the WGSD determine the causes for low staff morale. They said the process may be through focus groups, survey, and/or other suggested methods. The first step will be to determine what services different organizations can offer to help them carryout this task

Brian Agen addresses the WGSD school board about issues related to Act 10, teacher resignations, and exit interviews.

The June 23, 2014 WGSD Board Meeting is now online!

Video Descriptions

  1. Call to Order, Consent Agenda, Administrative Reports, Principal Reports, Mr. Worgull Award Presentation, Committee Reports
  2. Citizen Input: April Machon – Resignation of Amy Gee – Gifted and Talented Position
  3. Citizen Input: Laurie – Support for non-renewed Teacher at Evergreen
  4. Citizen Input: Brian Baker – District Responsibilities under Act 10 – Teacher Surveys and Exit Interviews
  5. Citizen Input: Jim McCann – Appreciation for Mr. Worgull – Trailside Principal
  6. Citizen Input: Ryan Krueger – Teacher Resignations
  7. Citizen Input: Matt Kranich – Teacher Resignation Timeline
  8. Citizen Input: Debbie Wikel – Support for non-renewed teacher
  9. Hiring and Resignation Action Items: Board Response to Citizen Input and Additional Comments from Citizens
  10. Action Items – Remaining:  Approve 1 year leave of absence, student handbook, employee handbook, technology expenditures, Fox River maintenance project, additional bus route at Woodfield, United Way Partnership for “Born to Learn” walking path activities at Evergreen school

Video 1

Video 2

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Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

Video 7

Video 8

Video 9 – Below
Time – Description
0:00 – Accept new hires
0:44 – Accept resignations and “excerpts” from resignation letters
3:17 – Comments from Tom Hoffman
4:15 – Comments from Dan Jensen
6:45 – Citizen Comment – What is the district doing to do to attract people and keep them in this district? Dan Jensen back and forth with community members.
9:00 – Tom Hoffman – Put the issue to bed by completing a survey
10:30 – Dawn Bleimehl – Request to discuss retaining teachers at the July Personnel and Finance Committee

Video 10

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