Meet the Waterfords








Meet the Waterfords, a pleasant family of five that has decided to make Waterford their home. Like so many before them, the Waterfords are making the move to a safe community with excellent schools. Little did they know that by doing so they would also be reducing the local school tax levy by $500,000 during their stay.

It is difficult for some to understand how this works, after all the Waterfords have three kids. As those three kids attend grades 4K through 12 in both WGSD and WUHS, they will occupy just over 40 seats during that time. Of course, that also means the family will be buying a lot of ice cream cones, hair cuts, and piano lessons, among other things. That is great for Waterford businesses, but for now, lets focus on how attracting families to Waterford will reduce our local school taxes.