(Fall 2012) Question 2. Do you feel you can express your concerns/opinions about school related topics without being singled out as a troublemaker?

Fall 2012
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Barely but being very honest might cost a person in the long run.
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To a point. I feel I need to be guarded in what I say because i don’t know how it will be taken and if there are concerns, will it effect my job for next year.
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I can talk openly with my principal. I feel comfortable talking to Ron Rivard about curriculum issues. Beyond that, I feel I need to be very guarded in sharing concerns/opinions. I believe we are all especially intimidated by the School Board members who are continually critical and aggressive toward us.
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no – fear it will get to the schoolboard and I will become “singled” out as a
troublemaker and my job will be in jeopardy.
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Not at all
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No, I feel that every comment is recorded to be used in your evaluation and
affects money.
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No. I am afraid to express how I truly feel about things out of fear of retribution.
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to colleagues but not administration
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Neutral towards my administrator; Poortorwards the school board. I am scared
to voice my opinion or make recommendations due to fear of retribution
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No, I would never say anything because the fear of the repercussions that would
come from it.
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No. I would be punished and treated unfairly.
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No, I feel like if I were to, I would be targeted by administration
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No. It’s been made very clear that anyone who speaks out against the board or
the administration will most likely be targeted to be terminated from their
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no- basically you shut up and take it
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I know we are encouraged to, but very hesitant.
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No. I feel like we are walking on eggshells in terms of voicing opinions
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Don’t want to respond
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No, I feel that the general idea is to keep your head down and your mouth shut.
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God no! Once you are labeled, there is no going back. People are scared to
death of losing their job in our building.
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No I need to keep my job this current school board and superintendent are ruling
by fear and intimidation!
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I feel that our administration has done a good job, from what I have seen, to
listen to any concerns that the faculty might have. I have personally brought
some concerns up and have been impressed as to how our administration dealt
with our concerns (does not pertain to school board).
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I can talk to my principal openly.
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In the building I work at yes.
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I feel if I express my concerns I will be singled out. I have seen it happen to others.
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Not if I wish to keep my job
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No! I don’t feel I can say anything officially and be honest or the target will be on
my back.
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Absolutely not. I am always afraid of saying the wrong thing and losing my job
because of it.
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No- especially not at my school where I teach.
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Not always
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No, I feel like people are targeted and you can never be honest about how they
feel. The administrators can be honest with us, but when can we tell them what
is really happening and what we are seeing. It is about time they open their eyes
and see the awful morale occurring around them. In the classroom we would be
told to work on our team building, wouldn’t we offer the same suggestions to the
leaders of our schools? What is being modeled by some is not the way we are
being told to run our classrooms. It is everything you should not do as a teacher.
It is also the complete opposite of my positive teaching philosophy.
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Not at all
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absolutely NOT
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